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Tips for Killer Websites

Many successful websites, from Google to Wikipedia, have applied these principles to build an empire.

  • Instant gratification. Give visitors value within 5 seconds of arriving at your site.
  • The Web is about words. Write good copy, check spelling, label fields and buttons clearly.
  • Users hate waiting. Optimize, compress, cache. Do whatever it takes to achieve speed.
  • Build for search. Search rankings will make or break any new website.
  • Content is king. You can't fake good content. Create it, buy it, or automate its production.
  • Remove barriers. Visitors are selfish and goal-oriented. Give them no reason to leave.
  • Feedback is gold. Collect it, analyze it, act on it. Be humble. You don't know best.
  • Measure everything. Integrate deep analytics. Constantly test alternatives.

One last thing: Great engineering is integral and crucial to your success. If you're coming from the non-web world, these O'Reilly books on back-end and front-end development will help you get started. And remember: outsourcing is not an option when you're scrambling to scale.

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